Monthly Archives: March 2020

Legendary Skier Dean Cummings Charged with Murder

It was spring 2012, and Dean Cummings, then 45, had nothing left to prove. At the time, he was the owner and operator of H20 Heli Skiing and one of the all-time greats of the sport—a peer to the iconic Doug Coombs.  Yet for 20 years, he had eyed a seemingly un-skiable peak called the […]

Caroline Gleich’s Favorite Places to Ski in Utah

Caroline Gleich moved to Salt Lake City from her native Minnesota when she was 15 and has been skiing Utah’s Wasatch Range ever since. She began making a name for herself as a professional skier when she was just 18, and in 2017, she became the first woman to climb and ski all 90 lines in Andrew McLean’s iconic 1998 […]

Does Travel Insurance Cover the Coronavirus?

After a lot of thoughtful deliberation, for the first time in my life I decided to postpone an international trip because of COVID-19. I’ve been traveling problem-free for three decades, but a few of my international trips have gone sideways of late: I was stranded in Chile for three days due to a grounded ferry and […]

We’re in the Middle of a Sports-Bra Revolution

I’ve only known Helen Kenworthy for an hour when she asks me to take off my shirt. We’re in a small room with a mirror at the headquarters of Brooks Running in Seattle. Down the hall is the shoe and apparel brand’s sports-bra design department, where well-lit work tables are piled with fabric cutouts, spools of […]

Nenana Ice Classic Is the Great Alaskan Guessing Game

The most talked about ice in the United States is a living-room-size patch of the Tanana River in Nenana, Alaska, 300 feet from the shore. At 3:30 P.M. on March 8, a wooden tripod will be embedded in that ice, and over the next month, tens of thousands of Alaskans will place their bets on when it […]

A Ski Mission to Summit Mount Rishiri

Mary McIntyre has had her eyes on the Japanese island volcano of Rishiri, not far from the country’s epicenter of powder skiing, Hokkaido, for several years. This island, due east of Russia, is exposed to howling winds and severe storms. In The Floating Mountain, from Black Diamond and filmmaker Eliel Hindert, McIntyre and fellow skier Parkin Costain spend two […]