Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Only Time You Should Drink Bleach

After President Trump mused about consuming disinfectants during a press conference last week, public health officials were quick to state the dangers of doing just that. But, there is a circumstance in which heavily diluting substances like bleach in water you plan on drinking is actually a good idea. And I want to make sure […]

9 Unforgettable Ocean Adventures to Plan Now

Staying inside has us all dreaming of wide-open spaces. What better way to satisfy that desire than by planning a future ocean adventure? And as all of us wait to reconnect with our loved ones, these seabound journeys offer a great way to come together once we’re able to travel again. Whether by kayak, sailboat, or yacht, here […]

‘Notes from an Apocalypse’ Is the Perfect Pandemic Read

For some of us, it may feel like the world is newly charged with an apocalyptic sense of dread. But Irish writer Mark O’Connell has been thinking about the end-times since long before our current crisis. “For those who wish to read them, and for those who do not, the cryptic but insistent signs of […]

Kai Lightner Speaks Out About His Eating Disorder

I remember one of my coaches constantly telling me I was “too big” to be successful in climbing when I was young. I was reminded on a regular basis: “We’ve never seen champions that look like you.” This was a reference to my size, rather than my race. I remember having to say how much I weighed in […]

Review: Black Diamond’s New Sprint 225 Headlamp

On most backpacking trips last year, I carried the Black Diamond Iota headlamp. Its 150 lumens were plenty for three-season conditions, and it weighed only 1.9 ounces and packed away small. I loved that it was rechargeable, so I could keep AAA batteries out of the waste stream and recharge it midtrip using the same portable charger I use […]

Why People Return to the Sports That Nearly Killed Them

On June 24, 2016, Kendyl Wilcox, 25, and Andrew Herring, 26, were climbing in Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin. Herring was mentoring Wilcox in trad climbing. It was the second day of their trip, and Wilcox had felt confident and comfortable on every pitch. Around midday she tied in at the base of a 5.8 route […]

Yes, Your Tired Mind Is Slowing You Down

For obvious reasons, one of the hottest lockdown training topics these days is how quickly you lose fitness when your workouts are curtailed (as discussed, for example, in this webinar from a couple of the world’s experts on the topic). But none of that data really explains how sharply my regular Saturday morning tempo runs have […]