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Travel Back in Time at Mesa Verde

62 Parks Traveler started with a simple goal: to visit every U.S. national park in one year. Avid backpacker and public lands nerd Emily Pennington saved up, built out a tiny van to travel and live in, and hit the road. The parks as we know them are rapidly changing, and she wanted to see them before it’s too […]

Would You Pay for a Subscription for Running Shoes?

The life cycle of a running shoe, familiar to every runner, is a sad slide to oblivion: you start with a sparkly new shoe that puts a bounce in your step, which eventually becomes a weathered one that—even though it might cause you pain—you’re reluctant to throw in the trash. The lifespan for its intended […]

How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season

With crisp weather and gorgeous scenery, fall is a great time to run. But the change in season also brings fewer daylight hours, tighter schedules, and increasingly cooler temperatures. For some runners, making the adjustment—and staying motivated—can be challenging. Sound familiar? Here’s how to embrace the season. 1) Find a Partner “It’s simple human psychology: […]

The Work-from-Home Jumpsuit We’ve Been Waiting For

Dressing for work when the office is your living room is a tricky game. For the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I walked the fine line between looking presentable and being comfortable, wearing jeans and a tee, with a “dressy” flannel to throw on for Zoom meetings, and sneakers to make me feel like the walk […]

A Very Informal Interview with Mitsu Iwasaki

Last month the American Alpine Club announced that Mitsu Iwasaki would be the organization’s new CEO. This was big news, as he’d be replacing Phil Powers, who has headed the club for the past 15 years and announced he would be retiring last October. It was big news to me, too, because I’ve been friends with Mitsu since […]

Our Climate-Change Future Is Here

I keep thinking it can’t get any harder to breathe, and somehow it still does. This week on the West Coast feels like something out of a dystopian novel. Old-growth forests and entire towns are burned over. Mill City, Oregon, is ash, as is Malden, Washington, and the fires are still growing and moving. The […]

27 Epic Trips to Start Planning Now

We may be staying close to home for the near future, but our desire for far-flung travel is stronger than ever. According to a recent study from the travel company Kioni, which draws on Google data trends, Japan was the most-searched destination by Americans for 2021 travel. (And we have you covered: read on for our recommended adventure […]

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Camp Cooking

If you’re a newbie to camping, know this: the food part doesn’t have to be complicated. Sleeping out in the woods is a palate cleanser for your soul, whether you eat a soggy PB&J by the fire or whip up a four-course meal. If figuring out what to eat is your barrier to entry, just […]

Inside an FKT Attempt on the Appalachian Trail

Scroll down on the Q&A page of the website for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and you’ll find the following—very reasonable—question: If hiking the Appalachian Trail is so hard, why would I want to do it? The Conservancy’s answer is a little underwhelming: Thru-hiking the entire AT is “rewarding,” “exhilarating,” and “memorable.” One would certainly hope […]