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How Burnout Led This Pro Cyclist to Redefine Success

Being kind and informed and giving back to others—rather than race results—is how pro cyclist Sarah Sturm defines success. But it wasn’t always that way. As a competitor, Sturm had to burn out first before she realized that she’d rather be a mentor than an inspiration. Now she coaches other young women to achieve their own goals. Visit Wahoo Frontiers  to […]

Stream These 5 Highlights from the Banff Film Festival

Every year following its banner event, the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival sends select movies out for in-person screenings in various cities as a world tour. It’s a great way for outdoor enthusiasts to gather for what’s often a raucous experience, cringing or gasping or cheering their way through daring feats in the mountains or stories of fascinating characters. […]

Our Gear Guy’s Black Friday Deal Picks

Gear sales are everywhere this week, thanks to Black Friday, but finding something you know will stand up to your adventures can be challenging. I believe it’s a good time to pull the trigger on an item that’s practical and that you would have bought otherwise, sale or not. To help you get that quality […]

The Case for Hiking Ugly Trails

Recently, my partner and I went for a walk. We ducked into the woods behind our house in Vermont, crossed the neighbor’s field, and emerged onto a quiet gravel track that was once a thoroughfare to a copper mine. Where the road crested, we gazed east across the Connecticut River Valley to New Hampshire’s layered […]

Rethinking the Cross-Training Paradox | Outside Online

I was about to skim past a recent article in the American Journal of Human Biology when I realized that it was asking a much deeper question than I thought. The title of the paper is “Why Does Strength Training Improve Endurance Performance?,” which is a topic I’ve wrestled with on several occasions. My focus […]

Keeping Colorado Chill: Tubing in Downtown Denver

There are a thousand and one reasons to love living in Colorado. For Michael Larsen, a Denver-based entrepreneur, woodworker, and mountain biker, it’s all about the chilled-out community and the freedom to get outside whenever—and however—he wants.    Thank you! You are now subscribed to Dispatch We will not share your email with anyone for […]

These Mountain-Bike-Ready Jorts Are Our New Obsession

I got my Ripton and Co. Women’s V2 Denim jorts ($89) on a Monday. Within a week, I put over 60 miles on them—riding fast jump laps at a local Santa Fe trail system, putting in a massive cross-country day on the Colorado Trail’s highest segment, and spinning through fields of Crayola-colored wildflowers off Durango’s Engineer Mountain. […]

How ATVs Are Reviving a Forgotten Region of Appalachia

West Virginia has the highest average elevation of any state east of the Mississippi. That’s not due to the mountains—its tallest peak is still lower than Denver—but the hills that roll out like endless moguls. More than a century ago, towns rose up in the valleys, built from coal fortunes. In the late 1800s, the city of Bramwell used to boast […]