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My Current Favorite Insulated Water Bottles

I’ve probably tested over 100 insulated drink receptacles for Outside over the years. I’ve used hundreds of pounds of ice and countless gallons of beer, booze, and boiling water to rate everything from wee whiskey tumblers to mondo growlers. Oddly enough, I hadn’t yet tested the vessel that I use for daily water consumption: the 32-to-36-ounce […]

Caroline Gleich’s Favorite Places to Ski in Utah

Caroline Gleich moved to Salt Lake City from her native Minnesota when she was 15 and has been skiing Utah’s Wasatch Range ever since. She began making a name for herself as a professional skier when she was just 18, and in 2017, she became the first woman to climb and ski all 90 lines in Andrew McLean’s iconic 1998 […]