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Our Gear Guy’s Black Friday Deal Picks

Gear sales are everywhere this week, thanks to Black Friday, but finding something you know will stand up to your adventures can be challenging. I believe it’s a good time to pull the trigger on an item that’s practical and that you would have bought otherwise, sale or not. To help you get that quality […]

Will This Virtual Outdoor Gear Trade Show Ever Happen?

Amath Diouf landed his very first job in the outdoor industry in June as the chair of a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) committee and a marketing coordinator for a new virtual outdoor event called Thin Air. It was a dream for Diouf, a Black writer and hiker based in North Carolina, who’d wanted to […]

The Matador SEG42 Offers Unrivaled Gear Organization

Organization is my new obsession. These days I’m into storage bins, label makers, and color-coordinated folders. Maybe it’s a sign of my advancing age, or maybe I just crave a bit of structure in a hectic world full of uncertainty. But even without the global pandemic and shifting social norms, my life is crazy. I have kids. There […]

The Gear We Relied on During Our Bike Test

Outside’s annual bike test is a massive endeavor. It takes a truckload of bikes, a team of capable testers, and support from many brands to pull off. This year we took to the roads and trails of northwest Arkansas, where our roster of 28 cyclists put 40 of the latest and most innovative road, mountain, gravel, and […]

Walmart Just Launched a Line of Backpacking Gear

Here’s a surprising stat: according to Walmart, the company sells two million tents and three million sleeping bags each year. If those figures are accurate, it likely makes Walmart the largest retailer of tents and bags in the nation. But, the majority of those sleeping bags cost less than $30 and are intended for car camping […]