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A Parent’s Guide to Hiking with a Chatterbox

My wife and I are about an hour into a hike up Atalaya Peak, a 9,000-foot mountain overlooking our hometown of Santa Fe. It’s a moderately difficult six-mile trail to the top and back, and we’ve just arrived at the final stretch, where the ascent gets steep. Our only child, 11-year-old Henry, is still talking. […]

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Camp Cooking

If you’re a newbie to camping, know this: the food part doesn’t have to be complicated. Sleeping out in the woods is a palate cleanser for your soul, whether you eat a soggy PB&J by the fire or whip up a four-course meal. If figuring out what to eat is your barrier to entry, just […]

The Runner’s Guide to Recovery

Whether you’re a new runner or dedicated marathoner, proper recovery is a key component of any successful training program. It’s also one of the most ignored aspects of running. But in order to reap the rewards, you’ve got to treat your body right. “You want to reduce setbacks during training and prevent future injury,” says […]