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The Case for Hiking Ugly Trails

Recently, my partner and I went for a walk. We ducked into the woods behind our house in Vermont, crossed the neighbor’s field, and emerged onto a quiet gravel track that was once a thoroughfare to a copper mine. Where the road crested, we gazed east across the Connecticut River Valley to New Hampshire’s layered […]

A Parent’s Guide to Hiking with a Chatterbox

My wife and I are about an hour into a hike up Atalaya Peak, a 9,000-foot mountain overlooking our hometown of Santa Fe. It’s a moderately difficult six-mile trail to the top and back, and we’ve just arrived at the final stretch, where the ascent gets steep. Our only child, 11-year-old Henry, is still talking. […]

The Best Hiking Pants for Women

Hiking pants are an essential piece of any outdoor kit: they defend your legs against weather, UV rays, and many natural hazards. Some can even serve double duty as acceptable business-casual wear (at least in some offices). But a good pair can be hard to find. This is especially true for women, since there are so many variables at […]