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Would You Pay for a Subscription for Running Shoes?

The life cycle of a running shoe, familiar to every runner, is a sad slide to oblivion: you start with a sparkly new shoe that puts a bounce in your step, which eventually becomes a weathered one that—even though it might cause you pain—you’re reluctant to throw in the trash. The lifespan for its intended […]

How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season

With crisp weather and gorgeous scenery, fall is a great time to run. But the change in season also brings fewer daylight hours, tighter schedules, and increasingly cooler temperatures. For some runners, making the adjustment—and staying motivated—can be challenging. Sound familiar? Here’s how to embrace the season. 1) Find a Partner “It’s simple human psychology: […]

17 Training Myths, Addressed by a Running Coach

(Illustration: Brendan Leonard) Myth #3: What works for the fastest runners in the world should work for everyone. “Interpolation from outliers is a dangerous game, because what makes someone a gold medalist also makes them respond to stimuli differently. Background genetic realities are overlaid with environmental influences to create superhumans. Hard work matters, sure. But often […]

Running in the Arctic for Climate Change

When Spanish ultrarunner and North Face athlete Pau Capell first learned of the effects of climate change happening in the glacial regions of the world, he was floored. One figure that stuck out to him was that polar bears were now trekking an extra 155 miles to seek safe habitats. Run for the Arctic, from filmmakers Damiano Levati and Matteo Vettorel, follows […]